Providing clients with generalizability and predictability
for problem solving and decision making.


Trusted Advisor To
Pharma Clients
Specialized In Qualitative
Market Research
Sought After For
Payer Expertise
Proven Record For Gaining Access to Both Key and Informative Decision Makers in All the Managed Markets
Focused on Formulary Issues Ranging From Clinical Evidence to Pricing and Contracting to Value Proposition
Founded in 1997, we are a boutique consulting firm providing insight and solutions for the many managed care and marketing problems confronting the pharmaceutical industry today.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers retain Stellar to tackle critical issues involving formulary status, brand positioning, competitor threats and access barriers made all the more difficult by an increasingly mature managed care marketplace.

The Stellar approach to developing strategic advice backed by primary market research is shaped by our commitment to intellectual craftsmanship.

Because we specialize in qualitative market research, clients know each Stellar work product builds on years of concentrated experience.

Clients also know when they are asked to give their recommendation on business issues we have addressed, a Stellar analysis allows them to do so with confidence.

Our relationship with clients is rooted in the axiom that “trust is earned”.


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