Robust and targeted.
Stellar prides itself in recruiting respondents who are savvy and experienced, and who will take the extra step to offer valuable business data.
Nothing at face value.
Stellar interviews push and challenge respondents on specifics. They also draw respondents inside the key issues to capture the application of their thinking.
Broad narrative, laser focus.
Stellar discussion guides walk the respondent through an orchestrated sequence of questions. Early in the sequence, questions get at business rules; later, questions apply those rules to the priority issues.
More than well-organized facts.
The Stellar approach is to:
  • Sift through and weigh the details.
  • Use our experience to discriminate between findings.
  • Identify both systemic and situational factors in developing the analysis and recommendations.


Pushing the qualitative perspective toward scientific
validity in the analysis of market behavior

Data are not neutral:

  • Reason for a key policy decision in an organization could be individual bias rather than market factors.
  • Unless prodded, respondent answers are not necessarily their complete view.
  • Respondent answers may not command equal weight.
  • Respondents often revert to routine thinking that ends up yielding variations of “the same old information”.

The value of IDI market studies is that they give clients the potential to go beyond the surface – to grasp the deeper rule inside the surface shell.

- Stellar Managed Care

Stellar specializes in IDI market research: in-depth phone interviews conducted with key decision makers across the channels that shape the pharmaceutical market. Part of what distinguishes our work is that we routinely focus on two very different dimensions in the market:

  • Trade-offs, tipping points and thresholds influencing individual stakeholders.
  • Processes and patterns in institutional behavior influencing market performance.

Incorporating these two dimensions allows us to push the qualitative perspective towards findings that approximate scientific validity. This enables us to address the underlying grammar of the pharma marketplace and provide clients with implications they can build on for maximum confidence.

IDI Components

Four components are critical to the depth and power of the final research product:

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