Engaging decision makers to capture the complexity and identify what’s core

Our philosophy in conducting qualitative market research is not just to ask questions, but to engage decision makers in analyzing their thinking, biases and behavior.

In this way, we identify the key practical factors impacting the problems clients wrestle with and the options they are best positioned to pursue.

- Stellar Managed Care

Qualitative Focus

Stellar consulting is grounded in qualitative market research. We support each of the qualitative market research avenues noted below, and specialize in in-depth telephone interviews, also known as IDI market research.

Each qualitative methodology offers clients unique capabilities to understand current market behavior and factors likely to influence future developments. In-Depth Phone Interviews (IDIs)
Advisory Boards
Focus Groups
In-Person Interviews

Why IDIs?

The advantages of IDI studies include:

  • Ability to drill deep and probe differently across interviews.
  • Ability for interview thought process to evolve and sharpen
    the focus with later respondents.
  • Latitude to capture quantitative data.
  • Greater access to decision makers for confidential telephone
    interview with third party consultant.
  • Avoids the group dynamic in other methods that may alter
    respondent answers.
  • Capable of eliciting more “close to the vest” information
    and observations.
  • Potential for decision makers to go on-line and find X data point
    from their organization during the interview.
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